The Average per person expenditure on information technology in UAE is 777 US Dollar
Broadband at homes : Saudi Arabia 41.6 % – UAE 53.7% – Jordan 18% – Egypt 5%
Active Domains : Saudi Arabia 481880 – UAE 372403 – Jordan 45337 – Egypt 195447
Internet Hosts: Saudi Arabia 488598, UAE 379309, Egypt 187197
UAE is the highest in Media Usage Frequency with 9.8 times per week for accessing Internet via Desktop/Laptop and 6.8 times per week for accessing Internet via mobile.
In UAE, Media Usage Duration: Access Internet via Desktop/Laptop: 119 minutes per day – Access Internet via mobile: 48 minutes per day.
Percentage of Internet-enabled Mobile Penetration: Egypt (41%), Jordan (51%), Morocco (28%), Saudi Arabia (69%), UAE (58%).
The most active telecom markets in the region already have penetration rates exceeding 100%. In Saudi Arabia, the penetration rate is close to 125%; in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it exceeds 200%.
In the UAE, ICT spending has grown by a CAGR of almost 19% during the period 2003–2010.
ICT in the GCC will reach US$318 billion over the next five-year period (2011–2015), yielding an average annual expenditure of US$ 64 billion. About 50% of this amount will be accounted by Saudi Arabia, followed by UAE and Qatar.
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