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One third of mobile owners in UAE own Blackberry, which is twice as high as average in the region (11%)

Econsultancy   March, 2012  

Smartphone applications combined annual revenues in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan is expected to reach US$ 210 million in 2015

43.8% of non-smartphone Jordanian owners plan to get one, compared to 45.9% in KSA and 36% in the UAE

Close to half of smart-phones users in Jordan and the UAE stated having feature phones or were unaware of their handsets’ type

Arab Advisors Group   March, 2012  

UAE technology and internet startups have attracted the largest amount of investments in 2011 with an overall estimate of 11,000,000$ which accounted for 47% of the total investment flow followed by Jordanian startups at 9,000,000$

Sindibad Business   March, 2012  

Facebook users are 78% of the total Internet population in UAE.

Zajil   January 2012  

Facebook users are 54% of the total population in UAE.

Zajil   January 2012  

47% of the respondents who use applications in Saudi Arabia prefer to use them in the Arabic language compared to 8.2% in each of Jordan and the UAE.

Arab Advisors   November 2011  

90% of those who use applications prefer the applications in the English language.

Arab Advisors   October 2011  

Smartphones constitute 43.7% of total cellular handsets in the UAE, 54.6% of total handsets in Saudi and 41.6% in Jordan.

Arab Advisors   October 2011