Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Yemen all have Facebook communities with more than 50% of users below the age of 25 years old.
Facebook users are 26% of the total population in Tunisia.
The highest percentage of female Facebook users located in Lebanon with 44.3%, followed by Jordan and Tunisia 41.3% for both, Then Bahrain 40%.
Internet population in Tunisia is 3,600,000.
Male/Female User Ratio on Facebook in Tunisia: Male (59%), Female (41%)
North Africa has the lowest proportion of consumers using their card to pay for products online at 71%
Facebook subscribers : Egypt 7,295,240 – Libya 52,860 – Morocco 3,596,320 – Tunisia 2,602,640 – Algeria 2,293,560
In North Africa, Facebook has 99% penetration amongst internet users.
In North Africa, over half of internet users (58%) say they use YouTube, while 29% use Wikipedia and 27% use Twitter
Arabic is the main language for search for 36% of North African respondents and 42% of Levantine consumers
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