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Key purposes of YouTube usage in KSA: 73% for being up to date, 56% for entertainment and 49% to search for product information

At least once a week, 80% of Saudi Arabian YouTube browsers use social media tools

65% of Saudi Arabian YouTube browsers are connected through their smartphones

Men and women account almost identically (50%-50%) for YouTube usage rates in KSA, with an average user age of 33 years

44% of Saudi Arabians browse through YouTube on a daily basis, with 97% of them reporting a pleasant experience

Smartphone applications combined annual revenues in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan is expected to reach US$ 210 million in 2015

43.8% of non-smartphone Jordanian owners plan to get one, compared to 45.9% in KSA and 36% in the UAE

Smartphone Application users in KSA have a higher preference for Arabic language than in UAE and Jordan

Saudi Arabia internet and technology startups have attracted only 583,000$ in 2011

In Saudi Arabia, electronics are the most popular products bought online, followed by software, with around 58% and 50% of customers who buy products online buying them, respectively.

Arab Advisors   February 2011