ICT in the GCC will reach US$318 billion over the next five-year period (2011–2015), yielding an average annual expenditure of US$ 64 billion. About 50% of this amount will be accounted by Saudi Arabia, followed by UAE and Qatar.
On average, each household in Qatar owns 3.9 mobile phones.
Mobile phone ownership continued to grow in Qatar in 2010, with overall penetration increasing 6 percentage points from 2008 to reach almost full saturation, or 99 percent of individuals.
Over the past 12 months, the most common tasks performed by individuals in Qatar on the Internet included sending and receiving emails (93 percent of individuals).
In Qatar, The internet penetration rates steadily decreased among older age groups, ranging from 96 percent for those under 20 years of age to 64 percent for those over 50 years of age.
By 2015, ninety percent of Qatari households and businesses will have broadband access and an open-access fiber network.
UAE market has the most digital marketing potential with 54% followed by Saudi Arabia 39% and Qatar 4%.
Qatar has the highest FB penetration in the world….after Monaco
The Internet Penteration in the GCC 61%
The internet Penetration in Qatar is 61%
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