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In November, there were over 41 million unique browsers (UB) in the GCC States: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

These countries’ Facebook user penetration ranges from 10%-25%, indicating a medium penetration of Facebook users: Oman, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait.

By 2015, ninety percent of Qatari households and businesses will have broadband access and an open-access fiber network.

ICT Qatar   2011  

In Qatar, Internet Users: 1,170,000.

IMRG   October 2011  

Mobile in Qatar: 137 per 100.

IMRG   October 2011  

In Qatar, B2C e-sales $375mn (2010 – e).

IMRG   October 2011  

Population in Qatar is 1,700,000 (76% are men and 24% are women).

IMRG   October 2011  

ICT in the GCC will reach US$318 billion over the next five-year period (2011–2015), yielding an average annual expenditure of US$ 64 billion. About 50% of this amount will be accounted by Saudi Arabia, followed by UAE and Qatar.

Markaz   2010  

overall Twitter penetration in the Middle East was at its highest in Qatar, with a mere 8.46% of the population.

The Next Web   May 2011  

The UAE led the GCC with a download speed of 269KBps, followed by Qatar (239KBps), Saudi Arabia (216KBps), Kuwait (213KBps), Bahrain (203KBps) and Oman (148KBps).

Pando   September 2011