The internet Penetration in Oman 28%
Significantly higher proportion of respondents in the GCC have bought cinema tickets online: 22% compared to 14% for the Middle East overall
Over two-thirds of consumers (68%) in the Gulf states have a payment card, significantly higher than for other parts of the Middle East
The proportion of consumers who have made an online purchase with a payment card is highest in the Gulf at 90%
The proportion of respondents in Gulf without an internet-enabled phone is just 15%, significantly lower than for the Middle East overall and other regions in MENA
Twice as many respondents in the Gulf undertake online banking on their phone, compared to the Middle East overall
In the Gulf states, Facebook has 96% penetration among internet users. The proportion of respondents that use YouTube is slightly higher than in other parts of the Middle East, with 71% penetration
A higher proportion of respondents in the GCC (16%) say ratings and reviews regularly influence their decision to buy a product or service.
19 Arab markets registered 320.5 million cellular lines in 2010, up from 273.9 million in 2009. The UAE had the highest mobile penetration rate (197.2%), followed by Saudi Arabia (187.9%) and Oman (169.4%).
Internet Accounts (In thousands) : Saudi Arabia 2852, UAE 900, Qatar 151, Kuwait 525, Bahrain 155, Oman 67.
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