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Jordan’s smartphone applications revenues are expected to reach US$ 7.96 Million by 2015

Smartphone applications combined annual revenues in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan is expected to reach US$ 210 million in 2015

5.2% of Jordanian mobile phone users have tablets in their homes, with KSA and UAE tying at a high 20.9%

43.8% of non-smartphone Jordanian owners plan to get one, compared to 45.9% in KSA and 36% in the UAE

Smartphone Application users in Jordan have a higher preference for English language than in UAE and KSA

Close to half of smart-phones users in Jordan and the UAE stated having feature phones or were unaware of their handsets’ type

Arab Advisors Group   March, 2012  

61.1% of respondents in Jordan reported using Smartphone applications, compared to 48% in KSA and 45% in the UAE

Jordan attracted the largest number of investments in technology and internet in 2011 with 30 startups followed by UAE with 11 then Egypt with 9

Sindibad Business   March, 2012  

Facebook users in Jordan reached 1,987,400 in 2011.

Internet penetration in Jordan reached over 30.5% of Jordan’s population in 2011.