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Facebook users are 47% of the total Internet population in Egypt.

Zajil   January 2012  

Apple Share in Egypt of the e-mobile users is 44%.

Effective Measure   December 2011  

In Egypt, iPad scored the highest share with 28.7% of the local e-mobile population using the device.

Effective Measure   December 2011  

Looking at the top Twitter users in the region, we can see this is the case in Egypt, with some GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain) favoring Arabic. The UAE, however, differs, with 74% of users tweeting in English.

Percentage of tweets in the Arab region (Sep. 1 – 30, 2011): Kuwait 30% – Saudi Arabia 19% – Egypt 16% – UAE 11% – 7% Bahrain and remaining countries with 17%.

70% of tweets in September 2011 were generated by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain.

Percentage of Facebook users in the Arab region: Egypt 26% – Saudi Arabia 13% – Morocco 11% – UAE 8% – Tunisia 8% – Algeria 7% and the remaining Arab countries with 27%.

These countries’ Facebook user penetration ranges from 10%-25%, indicating a medium penetration of Facebook users: Oman, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait.

In Egypt, there were 4,157,500 new Facebook users between Jan – Oct.

ASMR   November 2011  

Egypt still constitutes about 25% of total Facebook users in the Arab region, and has added more users in the past year than any Arab country, at over 4 million new Facebook users between January and October 2011.

ASMR   November 2011