Benchmarks being used in the Middle East to measure social media ROI : Increased web traffic 35% – Increased lead generation 30% – Higher revenues 25% – They don't measure the ROI 15%.
UAE market has the most digital marketing potential with 54% followed by Saudi Arabia 39% and Qatar 4%.
Social media is a strong channel for marketing and it is growing fast, 56% of companies are using off-site social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) and 23% are using on-site social media (e.g. blogs, forums, ratings & reviews)
50% of MENA Twitter users have made a purchase as a result of Twitter
Companies in MENA are spending 22% of their annual marketing budget on digital.
While 27% say they occasionally click, over a fifth (21%) say they are unaware of the difference between normal and paid-for search listings.
A fifth (19%) of internet users say they occasionally buy a product as a result of an email
Kuwait has the highest Facebook CPC average in the Arab region with $1.86
Smartphones are critical shopping tools with 82% having researched a product or service on their device.
Mobile ads are noticed by 90% of Egyptian smartphone users.
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